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Spatial variation in ant–tree bipartite networks is driven by a bottom-up process Wang B Aug 2022
Mapping the changing distribution of two important pollinating giant honeybees across 21000 years Huang MJ Nov 2022
Influence of Foods and Nutrition on the Gut Microbiome and Implications for Intestinal Health Zhang P Aug 2022
Fear emotion reduces reported mitigation behavior in adolescents subject to climate change education Wang XQ Sep 2022
Fine-scale effect of karst rock outcrops on adjacent soil and plant communities in Southwest China Shen YX Dec 2022
A New Genus of Spittlebugs (Hemiptera, Cercopidae) from the Eocene of Central Tibetan Plateau Xu XT Aug 2022
Hodgsonia tsaii (Cucurbitaceae), a new species from Xizang, China Shen JY Sep 2022)
Above and belowground plant traits are not consistent in response to drought and competition treatments Asefa M Aug 2022
Two new species from Sulawesi and Borneo facilitate phylogeny and taxonomic revision of Engelhardia (Juglandaceae) Meng HH;Zhang CY Aug 2022
Aspidopterys obcordata vine inulin fructan affects urolithiasis by modifying calcium oxalate crystallization Sun P Oct 2022
Leaf gas exchange and water relations of the woody desiccation-tolerant Paraboea rufescens during dehydration and rehydration Fu PL;Zhang Y Aug 2022
Niche differentiation along multiple functional-trait dimensions contributes to high local diversity of Euphorbiaceae in a tropical tree assemblage Wang XZ;Sun SW Aug 2022