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XTBG Seminar (February 25, 2014 )

时间:2014-02-21  来源:科技外事处  浏览次数:   作者:张玮     打印  字体: 关闭

Title:       Atmospheric Conditions as Modifiers of Abiotic Stress Responses in Plants   

Speaker:     Folkard Asch  (University of Hohenheim, Germany )    

Time:        4:30 pm,  Tuesday, February 25, 2014 

Venue:       The Conference Hall in Xishuangbanna Headquarter

           The 1st floor meeting room in Kunming Division (video conference)


For more information, please visit XTBG Seminar's website: 

Sponsor: Dept. of Project Management & Foreign Affairs, XTBG, CAS