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Program of the Sino-French Seminar (July 24)、7月24日中法研讨会日程通知

时间:2014-07-21  来源:科技外事处  浏览次数:   作者:张玮     打印  字体: 关闭

Program of the Sino-French Seminar (July 24)

中法研讨会报告日程 (7月24日)




8:30 Opening Ceremony (Chair: Zhou Zhekun)

Venue :The International Conference Hall

8:30 开幕式 (主持:周浙昆)


Introduction of the 50th anniversary – Norbet Paluch

Introduction of XTBG – Chen Jin


9:00 First Symposium (Chair: Fan Zexin)

(Venue :The International Conference Hall)

9:00 第一节段报告 (主持:范泽鑫)


9:00 French Naturalists in China: a historical perspective

Frédéric Jacques


9:25 Pollinators sharing in fig-fig wasp obligate mutualism: patterns and implication for co-diversification

Wang Gang


10:10 Second Symposium (Chair: Sovanmoly Hul)

 (Venue :The International Conference Hall)

10:10  第二节段 报告


10:10 South Yunnan and neighboring regions as the cradle of the diversity of the Ficus-pollinating wasp mutualism, and resilience of the mutualism faced by global change

Finn Kjellberg


10:35 Spatial and temporal climate variability over China for the period 1960-2011

Fan Zexin


11:00 Fossil fruits of Burretiodendron (Malvaceae s.l.) and associated leaves from the Late Miocene of Yunnan: first description and climatic implications

Julie Lebreton-Anberrée


11:25 Net primary production of a tropical dipterocarp forest: patterns and dynamics

Tan Zhenghong


14:00 Third Symposium (Chair: Finn Kjellberg)

 (Venue :The International Conference Hall)

14:00 第三节段 报告(主持:Finn Kjellberg


14:00 Taxonomy, Herbaria Collections and Conservation

Sonvanmoly Hul


14:25 Water use strategies of a woody tropical bamboo species (Bambusa vulgaris): responses to meteorological factors and maintaining water balance

Yang Shijian


14:50 Genomic adaptations to environmental gradients in tropical trees

Marie Fougère-Danezan


15:15 Leaf anatomy, morphology and physiology of lianas in tropical rainforest, Xishuangbanna: with special reference to coexisting trees

Zhang Jiaolin


15:40 Genetic Variation and Population Structure in Old Garden Roses from the 19th Century

Li Shubin



16:30 Discussion on collaboration projects 

Venue:The first meeting room

16:30 可合作项目讨论



16:30 Presentation of the French Embassy fundings for Sino-French collaborations

16:30 法国大使馆对中法合作的基金

Norbert Paluch


17:00 General Discussion

17:00 讨论